All you need to know about us

Media Matters comprises a very happy band of former journalists and PR professionals, qualified marketers, passionate digital marketers, media buyers, event organisers, and so the list goes on….

As it says on the tin, we are a full-service agency, providing clients with an integrated approach to their inbound marketing needs.

We’ve got bags of experience – 20 years plus, and counting…

But experience counts for nothing if you’re not in tune with ‘today’. This is where Media Matters excels. We combine the maturity and knowledge gained from years in practice with an extra special blend of young, fresh, dynamic creativity.

Our team

This makes for a fascinating mix of people who make up the Media Matters team. We come from different backgrounds, have different political beliefs, were born across an ever-increasing span of years (!) and we enjoy very different out of work stuff. It’s important we have our own identity and bring something different to the MM party.

What we do ALL have in common is a passion to do the very best for our clients, whatever the brief.

So, we put ourselves in their shoes and ask ourselves, if this was our business…

Would we be satisfied with that strategy proposal? Does that budget give us the best return on investment? Are those channels right for our target audience? If we’re not happy with the answers, it’s back to the drawing board.

Our team

What makes us tick?

Our mission is to build great client relationships. We strongly believe that only by trusting and having confidence in each other, can a solid and successful partnership grow.


What makes us happy?

We’re not big on PR fluff or wasted jargon, we are much happier advising our clients on what we are going to do for them and then rolling our sleeves up and doing it.

And we’re extremely happy when we get a new challenge. Media Matters doesn’t want to be pigeonholed – we work across all sectors, for both B2B and B2C clients, from regional accounts through to multi-nationals.

A Challenging maze

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