Achieving record growth through intelligent marketing

National B2B company
Introduce and action a comprehensive marketing strategy that will bring a positive return on investment and grow the brand amongst target markets

Our approach

When our national B2B client approached us they had little to no marketing strategy in place. They wanted to coordinate their marketing, improve their branding and, as a result, see the benefits in their annual growth.

We began by solidifying the client’s marketing strategy, which clarified their messaging, target audiences and objectives. The strategy focused on improving the reach and perception of the client’s brand.

As a result, we suggested integrated, tactical approach including:

In action

Working to produce a bi-weekly blog, targeted online content, a strong social media following, monthly e-newsletters, regular press releases and a sustained, technical SEO campaign we consolidated the client’s brand in the eyes of their key markets.

A year on and they’ve seen some fantastic results…

The results

The client contacted us following their annual turnover and growth reports from their parent organisation in 2014. The results showed:

  • Our client had a growth 25 per cent higher than any of their sister companies
  • Their year-on-year growth was up 5 per cent from 2013

The client reported that the most significant difference in 2014 was their marketing efforts with Media Matters.

Not only that, the client reported tracking leads directly from the blog and email marketing. One notable success was when a potential business customer at the top of the organisation’s decision making unit clicked from an e-newsletter to news coverage on the website. Impressed by the news story, they contacted our client with a significant business lead.

Our client said it was by far the best measurable result that they had ever achieved through email marketing.

These results show a real, tangible return on investment through intelligent marketing by Media Matters – and we could achieve the same for your business. Get in touch with us today by calling 01733 371 363 or email