Content marketing boosts B2B brand perception, PR and SEO

National, B2B market-leading company
Content marketing support to benefit PR and SEO efforts and to build brand amongst their niche target audience

Why we suggested content marketing 

Our national B2B client came to us wanting to strengthen their brand perception and sales leads. They recognised that they needed help – they had never attempted a concerted PR effort before and their website wasn’t appearing where they wanted it to in search.

After assessing their needs (with the help of a website health check and SEO audit), we put together a proposal within their budget. We suggested an integrated approach with content marketing, PR and SEO. All elements would work together to improve search engine rankings and improve brand perception.

Content marketing was a great option for this client. There was room in the market for them to position themselves as experts, whilst well-written optimised content would positively impact their search rankings.

The actions

We created a content marketing plan for the client that clearly laid out where content would be created and used. We integrated the following channels:

  • Media relations and PR
  • Email marketing to two segmented audiences
  • Social media management for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Blogging, news and useful resources for their website
  • Regular, refreshed website content according to SEO requirements

We ensured that each of the channels worked together. For example, social media was used to distribute news, blogs and engage with the media. Website content was optimised to help improve search rankings and this was closely managed alongside a three-monthly SEO-plan.

We focused on creating content that was creative whilst of a high standard and appealing to their very specific audience. A sample of the content included:

  • Timelines, fact files and a bi-monthly blog
  • Glossary and user guides
  • Breaking news
  • Social media campaigns and images

Going forward, the client’s content plan continues to expand and make the most of different mediums and creative content including:

  • Video and creative use of audio
  • Infographics, polls and events
  • Case studies

The results

Over a year on and the client has seen some fantastic results from content marketing alongside their PR and SEO efforts. Using Google Analytics we have tracked conversions through a journey of receiving email marketing, clicking through to a blog and subsequently exploring the client’s services pages and making enquiries.

Today the client has achieved:

  • 79.4 per cent year-on-year increase in organic traffic
  • Five pieces of creative content feature in their top 10 organic landing pages
  • Twelve times the number of visits to their website via social media channels
  • 57 pieces of targeted coverage in core publications including three double page spreads in highly regarded industry magazines

The client’s content is widely shared on social media and attracts positive commenting from their target audience. Creative content has also helped the client to rank for key search phrases as well as more long tail, relevant phrases.

But beyond the statistics, the content is an added value resource for their target audience. Giving the client the opportunity to build relationships and significantly improve how their audience perceives their brand.

Content marketing demands an effective plan, along with creative thinking and careful execution. To find out how we can help you plan and implement a creative content marketing strategy, get in touch with us today.