Content marketing in practice

Young B2C company
PR support to increase exposure nationally, build the brand, increase sales revenue.

PR is traditionally defined by press coverage and column inches secured. This is still important but other forms of content will work Content-marketing-image-320x180equally, if not better, to raise profile and drive website traffic.

Here’s an example from one of our work schedules in 2013:

Client: Young B2C company.
Brief: PR support to increase exposure nationally, build the brand, increase sales revenue.

We inherited a fat catalogue of cuttings from the previous London agency and set about producing a strategy to meet the company’s objectives and ambitions.

Once upon a time, press coverage would have been the holy grail, but in this plan it formed approx 25% of our efforts and final output.

We combined it with:

  • Online surveys – original content to support news releases.
  • Infographics – additional rich content, allowing us to display survey results, other trending topics.
  • Top tips columns – helpful advice, demonstrating the client’s expertise/knowledge; enables us to use key words.
  • Social media – Facebook and Twitter were the main channels for this particular audience. Using relevant content we reached out to engage with the audience in their space.
  • Video – this was a must and meant that case studies and events were brought to life and recorded and created searchable content in their own right for the brand.
  • Blogs – a chance for more fresh and original content, proving this client knows their stuff and they can be trusted.
  • Online competitions – we chose to use Facebook; it allowed us to reach a new audience and one that probably wouldn’t have automatically come to the brand.

This is a quick snapshot of some of the client activity but it demonstrates that content comes in many guises, all with one common theme – to increase brand exposure, grow following and, ultimately boost the order book with more sales.

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