Integrated blogging for a B2B and B2C audience

Local, private B2B and B2C service provider
Previous blogging efforts received little engagement and poor traffic

Blogging as part of an integrated content plan

When a business has two target audiences – one B2B and one B2C – it can be difficult to create a blog that appeals to both audiences.

Discover how blogging, when done well, can attract two target audiences, increase engagement and benefit PR and SEO efforts:

With their new website being launched (website development also by Media Matters) the client wanted to drive more traffic, achieve better search results and make their website a useful resource for both target audiences.

We created an integrated content plan with clearly defined blogs – one for a B2B and the other for a B2C audience.

By introducing social media, PR, email marketing and further creative website content, we designed and managed a plan that made blogging part of a wider content marketing strategy.

An integrated approach ensured all marketing communication channels collaborated to distribute content and messaging. The resulting increased traffic and social signals from these various channels would also improve search engine ranking.

The actions

Each blog post we created was optimised for key search phrases relevant to the target audiences and written in accordance with Google’s latest algorithm updates and SEO best practice.

The blogs were shared via social media and topical, relevant pieces included in email marketing.

Creative thinking ensured the content was exciting, shareable and encouraged engagement. For instance, an infographic created for the blog used local research and data, backed with optimised content. This post went on to become the client’s top performing blog post of the year.

The results

If we compare the new blogs’ figures with those of the old blog, 12 months previously, the client is now seeing:

  • Over six times the number of visit
  • 450% increase in the number of unique visits
  • Visitors staying 1 minute 50 seconds longer on average
  • 350% increase in sessions via social media platforms

Email marketing efforts drove 32% of visits and social media 17%, with 39% of visits coming from organic search in the four months after launching the blog: a clear sign of effective blog distribution and optimisation.

One post, written specifically for a time-sensitive event, drove the average visitor to visit 2.38 more pages on the clients website. That blog post now ranks in the top three results for the key search phrase.

Asides from driving relevant visitors to the client’s website, the blog has also assisted link building and various PR efforts by positioning the company and spokespersons as experts in their industry.

Beyond the blog

The content marketing strategy defined the specific targets and uses for the content being created. As a result, the blog wasn’t the only area on the website to be regularly updated with fresh, useful and optimised content.

By defining clear areas for different content, the client’s website is now a hub of useful resources and information. Separately from the blog, a resource page was created with a free downloadable toolkit.

Downloads of the toolkit have generated over 50 email marketing leads, and the page now features in the top five search results for numerous key search phrases.

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