What do you do when your email marketing becomes ineffective?

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Drop in open rate and click through rate in email marketing

What do you do when your email marketing becomes ineffective?

Do something about it, of course. Better still, you should be working on your email marketing all the time, continually monitoring open and click through rates (CTR), testing new messages and subject lines and tweaking it alongside the results you get back.

Email marketing is an ideal tool for reaching out to existing customers as well as new people who sign up and so obviously have an interest in hearing more from you. Your email marketing contact lists are a readymade pool of warm leads – you need to maximise this opportunity.

Here is an example of a client where in 2013 open rate and CTRs for eshots and newsletters started to drop off:

In Oct 2013 we introduced split testing – basically, pitching one subject line against another to a small sample of people, gauging which got the best open rate and then proceeding to send the rest of the database the winning subject line version.

This simple task increased open rates by over 5%.

Despite being able to address falling open rates with subject line testing, CTR was continuing to drop.

Our next solution was to introduce new templates and layouts for eshots and newsletters. These weren’t complete overhauls of the original templates, just a few small tweaks to reconfigure the layout display.

In February/March 2014 the redesigned email templates were introduced. We also recommended the client move to a more efficient email marketing system.

In Q1 of 2014 the average CTR increased by around 19%.  It has increased by a further 17% so far in Q2 (May 2014).

The extra clicks on emails have driven more traffic to the client’s website. The amount of traffic coming to the site via email has increased by 60% and the number of conversions via email is up 120%.

Since moving to the new system and creating the new templates the deliverability of the emails has also improved by 33%.

Email marketing, like all forms of marketing, is forever changing in line with its audience and their evolving behaviour and attitude to receiving online marketing material. You have to be ready to adapt to ensure you get the best ROI for your business.

We are committed to staying ahead of trends, and that includes being at the cutting-edge of email marketing techniques. With a more efficient email marketing system, the latest monitoring techniques, creativity and copywriting skills, we continue to make a huge difference to this clients email marketing.