Pleased to meet you

Meet our team – we’re first and foremost, a friendly bunch of people, who have a collective desire to do a great job for our clients. That’s us in a nutshell!

You can find out a little bit about our senior management team here. But just to fill in the gaps, the five of us have been in the business for many years now and absolutely love what we do. Working alongside us is an amazing group of talented colleagues whose combined knowledge and experience means we can provide the very best service for our clients, always.

Get in touch if you want to know a bit more about us – we’re always happy to chat!

Dawn Strange

Managing Director Dawn-Strange

Dawn has been with MM since the year dot – well, technically, six months after it was born! That was back in March 1995. She was the first recruit and can honestly say she’s loved the journey to where we are today – and where we’re heading!

Along with Karen, she runs MM, keeping it on track at the same time as exploring new business opportunities and pitching in on business development.

Her passion is content, in its multiple guises. Having jumped out of journalism into the agency world she’s got a real thing about matching right content with the right audience, whether it’s 10 words of ad copy or a 2,000-word thought leadership piece.

Karen McNulty

Operations Director Karen McNulty

Karen was responsible for single-handedly transforming MM into a fully digital marketing agency, back in the day.

Her strengths lie in everything digital, as well as planning and strategy. Together with Dawn, she is responsible for our smooth-running ship. She has bags of knowledge and experience across a range of disciplines, industries and verticals which makes her invaluable as we look to continue to grow the business and onboard new clients.

Karen’s passion is technology, new innovations and trends around digital transformation, digital marketing and cloud computing.

Kirsty Payne

Finance Director Kirsty-Payne

Kirsty looks after the numbers and keeps MM financially on track and fit and healthy from a performance perspective.

Kirsty adds an important dimension to the business. An integral part of the team, she’s much more than just the ‘numbers’ person - as we’re a relatively small agency, her perspective on the world of business means her opinions and views are invaluable.

Amy Bull

Head of Content Amy-Bull

Amy looks after our clients’ accounts. She’s the glue that holds our strategy, delivery and results together; she makes it happen and keeps it on track. She is the wearer of many hats!

Amy joined MM as the queen of words, crafting content and securing some incredible outreach opportunities for our clients. She’s since combined this with an in-depth knowledge of SEO, making every one of our clients’ words work as hard as possible in the digital landscape.

Her passion revolves wholeheartedly around ‘client accountability’ - hard work, integrity and honesty – doing the very best for our clients based upon data-driven evidence.

Cetti Long

PR Manager Cetti-Long

Cetti entered the world of journalism, like Dawn, before jumping into agency life and becoming part of the MM family 20-plus years ago.

She’s written literally thousands of pieces of content during this time for both B2C and B2B clients. If we’re ever after a hook for an article or a great headline, Cetti is our ‘go to’!

Her passion is written PR and securing coverage both in print and online so as our clients’ message reaches the widest possible audience, every time.


We are always keen to hear from dynamic and creative recruits – please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think you have the right attributes to join our team! Find out more

Brad Mylne

Digital Marketing Specialist Brad-Mylne

Brad is a digital marketing all-rounder. He and Rudi came to MM in 2021 when new business wins meant we needed extra pairs of hands.

Based in South Africa, Brad has experience of working client side before joining the world of agency and now runs his own in Cape Town, alongside Rudi. He is an accomplished digital strategist, a great asset to be able to offer our clients.

Passionate about inbound marketing and HubSpot, Brad firmly believes – and we 100% agree - that building and using the correct platforms to generate high quality leads, is the starting point for any good marketing strategy or campaign.

Alix Horspool

Head Of Social Media Alix Horspool

Alix returned to the MM family in 2022 after a year client side. She missed the buzz and rush of agency life, and we were over the moon to have her back!

She heads up our social media which means everything from delivery and creatives to strategic planning for our clients, as well as ourselves.

A unique talent, Alix is passionate, knowledgeable and inquisitive to know what’s coming next down the track in the world of social - imperative for this fast-changing platform.

Rudi van der Westhuizen

Digital Marketing Specialist Rudi-van-der-westhuizen

Rudi also joined the MM family in 2021. His strengths lie in digital marketing with an emphasis on eCommerce, tech, SEO, search engine marketing and website development.

With Brad, he runs his own agency in South Africa, while partnering with us to help support our own national and international clients.

Rudi’s passion is new technology and getting excited around digital innovation and how it can help businesses to grow and thrive.