We want to work with you, not just for you. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your marketing team. So how does that work?

Getting to know you

Nothing beats a face to face meeting – but we’re also happy with a video call if you’re based a bit further away from our Peterborough base! It’s important we learn more about each other at the outset. We think it’s vital we share similar beliefs and values, as well as similar business ethics. We then need to get down to work and ask you a raft of questions to understand exactly what it is you want to achieve and get a clear understanding of your objectives.

Are we tuned in?

The meeting is a massive info-gathering exercise. Next comes the creative bit. We sit down as a team and start real blue-sky thinking. We need to ensure we have covered everything – the possibilities open to us, all opportunities available, play out scenarios, list original ideas and their perceived outcomes, all manner of eventualities. We want to arrive at a plan that meets your own very individual requirements which means continually asking ourselves:

  • Does this plan meet all the objectives?
  • Does it represent a really good return on investment?
  • Could we add even more value?


We’re then ready to bring our ideas to life and present our road map to you. It will be more than a proposal, it will clearly set out a plan of action, how we will deliver it, who will be working with you, and how we will be measuring activity and keeping you informed with results.

Getting started

If you like what you hear, like us, and decide you do want to work with us, we will be delighted! We can crack on with work immediately. Regular meetings and reporting will be built into our agreement so you can rest assured you’re in the picture the whole time.

Why choose us?


It’s an easy word to band around but true passion only comes from an inner feeling and belief. It’s born out in how we work, how we engage with our clients, how we treat our suppliers, how we are as a team.


This isn’t a game we are playing. Our clients entrust us with big budgets. There are no frills, we roll our sleeves up and get on with the job, as if we were spending our own hard-earned money.


Clients put their trust in us and we in them. This is a partnership, we both have expertise to bring to the party, and we both want the same end goal.


Life is too short. Getting a buzz out of our day job is a must. And nothing makes us more happy than putting a smile on the face of a satisfied client at the same time.

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