10 simple tips to get the most from your email marketing

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email symbolEmail marketing is my favourite online marketing tool! One of the reasons for this is that it’s so versatile. As a communication medium it can be used to sell, inform, update and above all keep in touch with your customers. Blogging on the other hand, is about expertise and should definitely not be used to sell.

If you’re still thinking about trying email marketing, we’ve pulled together some useful tips:

  1. Add links through to other content on your website so you can measure “clicks”
  2. Never send mass emails from your own email account (Outlook, Hotmail etc.) as your server could be blacklisted. Instead make sure you use an accredited provider
  3. Include calls to action in your subject lines and benefit from higher open rates. Such as “reserve your place” or
  4. Make them responsive (so they adapt to mobile devices, desktops and tablets)
  5. It’s ok to sell! Tracking means you can measure conversions, and the instant nature of emails allows you to send out quick promotions
  6. Avoid words like free, percent off (e.g 50% off) and help, also odd characters such as “!” or using all capitals. These can all trigger spam filters. It won’t always be blocked but it pays to vary. Sometimes even the word “reminder” can cause problems.
  7. If you have a lot to say think about adding the main article to your website and just providing a snippet on your email. That way you will be encouraging people to click through to your website and saving the email from looking too daunting.
  8. Your email design template should work with your other marketing materials and always look professional.
  9. Make sure that your email list has “opted in” to receive email communications from you. Ensure that the system you use allows people to unsubscribe too.
  10. Personalise as much as possible. From using people’s names in the email to splitting your mailing lists and tailoring the content. You will be amazed at how much your open rates are when the content is highly relevant.

Finally, split test your subject lines so that the final email you send is the one with the best chance of being opened. Purpose-built email service providers should always allow you to do this.

Karen McNulty

Karen joined Media Matters in 2007. She is an accredited trainer and Chartered Marketer (with the CIM) and has worked in the sector for over 20 years. She is passionate about technology and loves to keep up with new innovations and trends around Digital Transformation, digital marketing and cloud computing. A strategic, dynamic and innovative senior digital marketer, Karen has a rich and varied portfolio of experience in a variety of disciplines, industries and verticals.

Karen actually left us to pursue her interest in IT for a two year spell but couldn’t keep away! She has returned full of beans to raise the profile of digital and cloud marketing opportunities for business. Her role as operations director covers all things “techie" both in house and with on-boarding clients.