Are you a business planner?

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Writing a plan is easy – sticking to it is much more difficult.Marketing strategy signpost

We’ve all done it.  We sit down, write a plan for something – personal or business and suddenly everything becomes much clearer.  We start off following the plan – then we are side-tracked; our workloads increase; and before we know where we are the plan has been filed into ‘things to do’.

We’ve all heard the clichéd saying: Failing to plan is planning to fail.  But sadly it is true.

The starting point has to be asking yourself what you want to do?  Where do you want to be?  And more importantly – how can you get there?

Most of us will have plans outlined very loosely in our heads for the New Year.  We want to retire at a certain age; or we want to get fitter; or lose weight; or make our first million.  But unless we sit down and write a plan that is both achievable and realistic – the chances are our hopes and dreams will end up in that ‘things to do’ folder.

Whatever size of business we run – it is critical to have a plan against which we can measure progress.  We would never dream of setting off to Edinburgh without a route map otherwise we would simply never find it.  We set ourselves measurable targets and once we have achieved one – we move on to the next.  And eventually – we end up in Edinburgh!  The plan has worked.  Business life is no different.  We need a route map for success.

Marketing and PR – these are disciplines that help drive your access to customers; promote your product or service in the right way; and help you to achieve your business goals in 2014.

Peter Corder

A former journalist, Peter founded Media Matters back in 1994, having worked for a number of newspaper publishing groups across East Anglia and the East Midlands in senior editorial roles.

He began the business from converted outbuildings next to his home near Stamford before moving to offices in Lynch Wood back in 2007 to cope with increasing client workloads.

Peter has now stepped back from the coal-face of the business but still provides support to the Media Matters’ team and to some clients.