Definitive PR evaluation guide launched – a must read if you value your PR

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This is a terrific piece of work and well worth digesting for anyone involved in the PR industry.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 14.17.30Over the years, professionals within the PR world have tried to use Advertising Value Equivalency- AVEs -to quantify and qualify the value of PR coverage and public relations to clients. Totting up column inches and evaluating it against bought print space is not an accurate or fair measurement and this method is frowned upon within the industry.

It’s not all about cuttings

And in today’s environment of sharing, it’s not simply about vast volumes of cuttings – engagement and following demonstrate buy-in and brand loyalty, and the start of a relationship and an affinity with a brand that needs to be nurtured.

This definitive guide to measurement is the work of the profession’s leading trade bodies and brings together in one document the thoughts and convictions of some of the UK’s experts from the worlds of PR and measurement. It’s a must to add to your reading list.

What it says time and time again is that PR evaluation is key – while social media and other online activities have benefited from Google Analytics and other metrics to measure performance, PR has become a poor relation, seemingly unaccountable for large parts of its work.

The PR profession cannot allow this to happen. PR provides a vital role in brand growth, reputation and longevity. Its subtleties are often what make the difference in a campaign success or a crisis moment.

What this report makes very clear is that there are plenty of evaluation tools available and PR agencies worth their salt should be encouraging their clients to use them to measure their activities and results.

What the report also says, and the bit which might prove more of a sticking point, is the cost attached to these. I feel another debate and another blog coming on at a later date!

But a final question and some food for thought – who in their right mind would spend a small fortune on a PR campaign without wanting to know if it’s worked or not?

Dawn Strange

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