How to effectively manage your email lists for email marketing

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Effective email list management is half the battle for successful email marketing so here are some best practice tips to follow to make sure you are managing your contact list to get the best results.

5 tips for effective email list management

Tip 1: Use an email marketing platform/service provider

If you are doing any sort of email marketing, the advantages of using an email marketing platform far outweigh sending from your own personal email account.

Just a few reasons are:

  • In one central place, you get access to more engagement data (open rate, click through rate) about the people you are sending to.
  • Most email marketing service providers have built in templates that can be customised to compliment your business branding. This means you can send professional looking HTML emails without having to know how to code them from nothing.
  • The danger of sending large amounts of email from your personal account without the tools to properly manage the process is that you could end up being email blacklisted. That means your email will never get passed the spam filter, something which is near impossible to come back from. Good email marketing service providers will be approved bulk email senders, meaning they already have agreements and processes in place to deal with this for you.
  • It makes the next 4 tips much easier to implement

There are many different email marketing platforms out there, e.g. Mailchimp*, Constant Contact.

They have different price ranges, different levels of service, different features, so it is important before deciding on one, that you research the options you have and make the right choice for you and your business.

Tip 2: Segment your database appropriately

segmenting for better email list managementThe chances are that you will have natural groups of contacts in your whole database. Examples of some segments could be your personal contacts, your suppliers, people you have met at a networking event, customers who bought a specific type of product or service.

To get the best results from email marketing it is important to tailor your messages to each of these groups of people so that it appeals personally to them, rather than blasting your whole list with emails that might be completely irrelevant to most of them.

Tip 3: Make sure you have the ‘right to send’

In recent blogs we have talked a lot about making sure your list only contains people who actually want to hear from you.

Ensuring you have the ‘right to send’ not only means you are keeping your email marketing on the right side of the law, but your list will be warmer and your contacts will be more receptive to your emails meaning you get better results.

Tip 4: Keep in contact with your list regularly

Depending on the type of business, this could be anything from twice a week to bi-monthly.

Overtime, even though your contacts may have opted in at one point, your list will grow cold. It might be that they have moved on and no longer need your product or service, or it could be so long since you were last in touch that they have forgotten that they opted in the first place!

Keep in touch with your list at the very least, every 6 months.

Tip 5: Keep your list clean

This is where using an email marketing service provider really helps; some even do this for you automatically.

A really clean list is one that has opted in personal email addresses that actually exist.

Lets take a look at that sentence for a moment;

When people unsubscribe, they are no longer opted in so they should be removed from your list.

Following these simple tips on email list management will mean better results from your email marketing.

If you think you might need assistance with email marketing please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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