Five ways to get the most out of LinkedIn today

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LinkedIn has made significant changes over the past year, which in my view have really improved the user experience. Keeping up with what’s new can be a challenge as can working out how to use new features. If I had to choose, these are my top five tips on how to get the most out of LinkedIn in 2013.

1. Update your main profile

It might sound obvious, and you know you should keep it up to date anyway, right? But some of the changes mean that you can optimise your profile better than before. You now have more space to describe your role and as this shows up in Google search results what you write here can make you stand out on the page:

2. Post updates

What you’ve been up to – your “updates” now also appear higher up your profile and is one of the first things visitors see:

Keeping this up to date also means that your posts appear in your connections’ feeds when they login to LinkedIn and your activity shows up in the summary email sent out each week to your contacts.

3. Join the right groups

Groups have been around for a while but they’ve improved enormously. Apart from the fact that you can use them to demonstrate expertise and learn from others – they also show up on your profile. There are thousands of groups available and if there isn’t one that is relevant you can even start your own. There’s more info on LinkedIn groups here:


4. Endorsements

Whilst recommendations are still really worth having (nothing beats a good testimonial with some detail), LinkedIn’s new endorsements feature is a much quicker way to build your expertise profile. Endorsements work by suggesting your “skills and expertise” to your connections and asking them if they will endorse you. To make this effective you need to update your skills regularly, seen here in your profile, just select the “edit button to add more:

It’s very quick to do and they build up quickly as connections are prompted to verify them.

5. Set up or update your company page

LinkedIn’s company pages are much better than they were. Although they’re still a bit static (you’re limited to a profile and list of services/products) you can now post company updates. They’re also public which means that Google will find your company page, so the more detail you add to it the better. This is also a way to raise the profile of your employees they will be automatically be connected to the company page.

It’s easy to get started, just visit LinkedIn’s help page:

LinkedIn is such a good social network for businesses and it’s the one I get asked about the most often. I hope I’ve prompted you to make some updates but if you’re still wondering what to do next, we run regular lunch and learn sessions on LinkedIn and other online marketing topics.

Karen McNulty

Karen was responsible for single-handedly transforming MM into a fully digital marketing agency, back in the day.

Her strengths lie in everything digital, as well as planning and strategy. Together with Dawn, she is responsible for our smooth-running ship. She has bags of knowledge and experience across a range of disciplines, industries and verticals which makes her invaluable as we look to continue to grow the business and onboard new clients.

Karen’s passion is technology, new innovations and trends around digital transformation, digital marketing and cloud computing.