As importance of content grows, businesses become own publishers

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As the Google keyword rulebook gets thrown out of the window, there has never been a clearer message that businesses are themselves the publishers of tomorrow.

The days have passed when companies and brands relied on traditional media and advertising channels to target their customers and increase sales.

Now, businesses are media outlets in their own right – providing they have original and rich content to share.

Last week, we all had notification of Google’s intention to encrypt 100% of its organic keyword data. The official reason behind this decision from Google is to protect the privacy of its users, however more cynical members of the SEO community may see it as a money making move. Once we move to 100% ‘not provided’ keyword data in Google Analytics the only way to find conversion rates of specific keywords will be paying for it in Google Adwords.

More details here from hubspot. We will also be providing more information on the implications of Google’s changes and what this means for SEO as more details are released.

In the meantime, there is plenty to be done – time to bang the content marketing drum once again!

Today, the smart businesses rework their websites and social media channels to ensure their messages go straight to their customers, to the media and potential influencers in their sector right at the moment they are searching for it.

That means creating compelling content – case studies, top tips, how-to articles, surveys and polls, comment pieces, to name but a handful. Then there’s infographics, video, podcasts, the list goes on.

But before businesses get carried away wearing their new publishing hat, it’s vital to start with a plan, a content strategy, otherwise you will run out of steam and decent material in next to no time.

You need content that will appeal to today’s hectic readers and a proper thought-through plan of action. Karen touched on this in one of her previous blogs.

The potential to control your business’ destiny on Google through good content has never been greater.

And while companies assume this is for the big consumer brands and not their own smaller B2B site, check out this article on small businesses ranking better with Google.

This may be no more than a PR stunt by Google but it’s worth a look. Google wants to receive recommendations from anyone who thinks a quality website deserves a higher ranked position in its search engine pages. 

The criteria includes quality content – another reason, if you’re still not convinced, why content is much, much more than just flavour of the month!

Dawn Strange

Dawn has been with MM since the year dot – well, technically, six months after it was born! That was back in March 1995. She was the first recruit and can honestly say she’s loved the journey to where we are today – and where we’re heading!

Along with Karen, she runs MM, keeping it on track at the same time as exploring new business opportunities and pitching in on business development.

Her passion is content, in its multiple guises. Having jumped out of journalism into the agency world she’s got a real thing about matching right content with the right audience, whether it’s 10 words of ad copy or a 2,000-word thought leadership piece.