Improve your online marketing with a content plan

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“Content marketing” is everywhere and if you’ve been paying attention you’ve probably heard the phrase in the same sentence as SEO (search engine optimisation).

Businesses are now also recruiting “content strategists”, “content creators” and “content managers” and several other variations on the job description theme.

Content marketing is not new; it’s what we do in PR all the time – creating readable, multi-platform content that will raise your profile.

Whilst that sounds simple, where do you start? We’ve found that a content plan is the best way to (a) decide on what content you will produce and (b) force you to decide which marketing channels you’ll use to promote it.

It’s better if you can identify a campaign or theme first for each set of content. You might want a summer campaign for example and another campaign later in the year, which focuses on a particular set of topic relevant to your audience. This really does focus the activity.

Here’s a useful guide to get started:

  1. Decide on the theme, target audience and what period this content will cover. It’s quite useful to review a content plan in quarters for example, or every 3 months
  2. What will the content be? Try to think of useful information that adds value to your audience (See further down for ideas)
  3. Which channels will you use to disseminate the content and what will the angle be for each of these? It’s important that we tailor messages according to the type of media and its target audience.
  4. Who will make it happen?

Karen McNulty

An accredited trainer and Chartered Marketer (CIM), Karen is passionate about technology, new innovations and trends around digital transformation, digital marketing and cloud computing. A senior digital marketer, her strength in planning and strategy is exceptional. Her extensive experience across a wide variety of disciplines, industries and verticals is invaluable as we look to work with and onboard more new clients.