[News] Media Matters team go back to their roots with journalism workshop

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For a few years now Media Matters has sponsored Peterborough Regional College’s Highest Achiever in Media award. It’s always a pleasure to celebrate the hard work of the college’s most ambitious students but this year’s sponsorship also gave the Media Matters team a unique opportunity to go back to their roots in journalism.

Earlier this week we were delighted to welcome Annika Löbig, recipient of the college’s award, for a career workshop after she expressed a passion for journalism.

With a wealth of experience in journalism, Dawn Strange (accounts director) and Cetti Long (account manager) were on hand at the workshop to answer some of Annika’s questions. The team offered advice based on their experience and even gave a few tips on how to chase the right people to make sure you meet any looming deadlines!

Following the workshop Annika, who is in the final weeks of her first year of a Level 3 BTEC in Media and Journalism, said: “Meeting with professional people, successful in their careers, has been a really useful and encouraging experience.

“Although I’m taking a lot away from the workshop, one point that will really stick with me is that there is never just one way to achieve a goal. It’s all about being tenacious and trying lots of different avenues to get my writing out there and build my portfolio.”

After learning more about Annika’s specific interest in feature writing, Cetti said: “Annika was telling us about her college project, a magazine called Youth. It’s clear she has a real knack for getting a good angle, whilst not being afraid of asking the next question to add real weight to her research. She had us hooked – she’ll need to send us a copy of the magazine when it goes to print!”

Dawn added: “Annika was a real breath of fresh air. Within moments of meeting her it was clear why she was the recipient of the college’s award. Not only did Annika show real ambition, her genuine love for writing was immediately apparent. It’s not often that you meet someone who shows such ability alongside a real interest in journalism – not to mention a desire to continue learning.

“We’ll certainly be looking out for her by-line in the months and years to come!”

Peterborough Regional College’s annual student awards evening will take place on Thursday 13 July at Peterborough Cathedral with further students receiving awards for their accomplishments throughout the 2016/17 academic year.

Laura McGill

Laura is our digital guru – she loves the opportunity to be both creative and analytical, digging into clients’ analytics and developing insights to help creatively solve problems and fuel successful marketing campaigns.

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