Planning and preparing a PR strategy and sticking to it!

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What do you do as a business when a golden PR opportunity potentially arises – but it’s not in your strategy and not budgeted for?

This dilemma will have raised its head in PR and marketing offices up and down the UK this week when the royal baby bandwagon was unleashed.

 Some brands have a justifiable right to jump onboard – step up Mothercare and co.

They will have factored this event into their planning schedule nine months ago no doubt. Other brands with big budgets, no obvious link, but recognising the scale of this event and the value of making some mileage from it, have come up with some highly original and entertaining campaigns this week.

And then there’s the best of the lot – the brands which through pure sheer luck have found themselves with some perfect product placement – golden opportunities, priceless to their brand, which have left them with an envious dilemma: ‘how to keep up with orders!’

PR strategies are vital for planning and budgeting – but that doesn’t mean they are inflexible tombs, never to be erred from. Flexibility, identifying opportunities and being creative enough to maximise them, are underlying traits of a PR professional and any PR and marketing team.

In the majority of cases, it comes down to advance planning – most events (even royal babies) are pre-planned. Spending time on drawing up a future schedule of fixed seasonal dates of significance, events and milestones specific to your sector, any business subjects due an airing on a local, regional, national or even world stage, will provide a hefty starting point for future content and ideas to work activity around.

These need to be measurable and show return on investment. But they really don’t need to cost a fortune. The best ideas are nearly always the simplest.

Take Yeovil Town for instance – not wishing to miss out on the royal wave of excitement the football club posted news of its latest signing at the gates to the ground, in the style of Buckingham Palace. Simple but so effective with masses of national TV and newsprint coverage – all for the cost of an easel and a piece of A4 paper!

Dawn Strange

Dawn has been with MM since the year dot – well, technically, six months after it was born! That was back in March 1995. She was the first recruit and can honestly say she’s loved the journey to where we are today – and where we’re heading!

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