Top 10 reasons to start a blog in 2014

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Are you blogging yet?

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In 2012, Hubspot shared (in their blog) that 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer – from their blog.

As a blogging advocate this doesn’t surprise me. What is perhaps surprising is the number of websites that still don’t have blogs as they have so many advantages.

If you’re still wondering if blogging is for you our 10 (yes really!) reasons to start a blog might help:

A blog will:

1. Help you to establish your personal brand and develop other personas in the business.
It’s much easier to make a connection with people than a generic brand if you’re a website visitor. Besides, we have individual online profiles for the rest of our lives (professional and personal) so why not profile our team’s expertise on our websites?

2. Develop authority.
This happens in two ways (1) quite literally demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in the area that you specialise in and (2) Google is looking for authority and uses blogging as a measure of this for search results (you do need a Google+ profile to make this work effectively)

3. Optimise your website better because it keeps it up to date.
Google crawls Blogs more regularly as it expects them to be up to date. Most blogging software can also be set up to “ping” the search engines so they know when a new blog has been added.

4. Provide you with content for your content marketing activity.
They’re a great way to provide useful information to your target audience, quickly and in line with your marketing themes and campaigns.

5. Give you something to share on social media.
You can tweet and post your blogs to your fans and followers, reinforcing expertise and knowledge

6. Differentiate you from your competitors.
If you’re the first in your sector to seriously adopt blogging, you’ll easily stand apart from the others as more transparent (happy to share) and forward thinking.

7. Improve business positioning.
Improve your business positioning by adding real value to your business credentials and strong evidence of strong know-how

8. Provide an insight into your business.
In the past we’ve been afraid to share our product and service knowledge “for free” but now we wonder what a business has to hide if it’s not “sharing” information. Your depth of experience is still ultimately what your customers will buy – blogging is just a window into how you do business.

9. Keep you more up to date
Blog pages are often easier to add than static web pages. They’re also less formal, meaning you can inject some personality into your services which is more difficult to do on more formal website pages.

10. Create influence.
It does take a while but if you’re blogs are strong enough in your sector you will become an “influencer”. Influential blogs are important both for visitors who want to “trust” your content and others in the sector who see your profile as important. This top UK online marketing influencers and bloggers blog is a good example of what this can mean.

No more excuses then…

Karen McNulty

Karen was responsible for single-handedly transforming MM into a fully digital marketing agency, back in the day.

Her strengths lie in everything digital, as well as planning and strategy. Together with Dawn, she is responsible for our smooth-running ship. She has bags of knowledge and experience across a range of disciplines, industries and verticals which makes her invaluable as we look to continue to grow the business and onboard new clients.

Karen’s passion is technology, new innovations and trends around digital transformation, digital marketing and cloud computing.