5 reasons to add more resources to your website

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5 Reasons to Add More Resources to Your (1)Your website shouldn’t be static, it should be in a constant state of evolution, continually improved and optimised in order to generate more business.

Adding more content and resources to your site, rather than having just static promotional pages has a range of benefits.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

By adding extra content to your site related to you business and the industry you operate in, you are showing that you are knowledgeable about your sector. That extra content could be in the form of blogs, downloadable reports, videos, Infographics, articles, useful tools etc. (the list goes on!)

Showing your visitors that you are an expert in your area builds trust, and we all know how important trust is in the sales process, you aren’t going to buy from someone or a company that you don’t trust.


There are some major SEO benefits of adding more resources and content to your website (assuming you optimise it of course).

Attract Links

Getting good links pointing back to your website is a big part of SEO and while the ‘build it and they will come’ attitude is probably not the right one to have (you could be waiting a while), if you don’t build it you are making sure they don’t come.

Useful resources on websites do attract links, good links are a huge benefit to SEO, SEO benefits your website by increasing traffic, more traffic should hopefully equal more conversions and more conversions means more sales. That sounds like a good deal to me!

Rank for more keywords

Creating content relevant to your business and resources that answer the questions your customers are asking creates many more opportunities to rank for more keywords – particularly longer tail keywords*. Considering that long tail keywords are likely to be driving a big chunk of your website traffic, why not snap up some more?

*Long tail keywords are longer quite specific phrases that people type in to the search engine when they are looking for something. Wordstream have explained it very well here.

Social Media

According to some research done in 2013 by Nielsen for Twitter; 30% of Twitter users in the UK follow a brand for access to exclusive content, and 34% follow because the brand tweets interesting/entertaining content.

10 reasons why people follow brands on twitter

(Source: Twitter)

So creating resources and content that ‘speaks’ to your clients/customers gives you valuable content to share on social media, and doing this will help towards building a relevant and engaged social media following.

Building a Contact List

An excellent way of building up a contact list is by having downloadable content on your website that asks for a visitor’s details (normally name and email) in return for accessing it. The extra benefit of doing this is you then know quite specifically what that visitor was interested in based on what they downloaded so you can tailor future conversations/emails to their interests.

Engage More People

Your customers and clients come in all shapes and sizes and just like that, they don’t all like to consume information in the same way. By providing the content that is available on your website in different formats you can grab your visitors attention in different ways and engage them how they like to be engaged. Talk to audio learners through video and podcasts, and show your visual learners how good you are through Infographics and images.

Hopefully you are sufficiently convinced that adding more sources to your website is going to be beneficial. Is there anything I have missed? Or are you still dubious about investing more in your website? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Laura McGill

Laura is our digital guru – she loves the opportunity to be both creative and analytical, digging into clients’ analytics and developing insights to help creatively solve problems and fuel successful marketing campaigns.

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