What will you be sending clients this year? A digi or printed xmas message….

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It’s December and that means the annual office Christmas card debate is underway. Christmas Card

Should we stand by our old favourite – the stuffing envelopes printed message approach – or should we be a little radical and design ourselves an e-card?

There will be arguments building up in offices all over the land. The 
pro-print gang will be lobbying for their ‘Christmas is all about tradition’ theory, arguing that a hand-written card says so much more than a gimmicky e-card –the Bishop of Hertford hit the headlines recently, launching a ‘save the Christmas card’ campaign as he claims the e-card is killing the festive spirit.

In the other corner of the office will be the online crowd, doing their bit for the environment by ditching paper, print, postage and delivery in favour of a little digital number pinged straight into clients’ Inboxes.

Forgot to mention the third group in the office card stakes – the abstainers. Setting aside those colleagues who respectfully do not celebrate for personal reasons, it’s the ones who can’t be bothered, think the whole passing of greetings is a complete waste of time and money and so refuse to do so (alias: the Bah humbug brigade).

However you choose to wrap it up, wishing clients and customers a ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’ is a PR exercise; it needs to be considered the same as you would any other form of PR communication. Your choice will reflect you and your business, so think carefully about overall perception. 

Christmas messages to clients and customers only happen once a year. This is a chance to say something that demonstrates how much you appreciate and value their custom and loyalty. Whether you wrap it up as an e-card or hard copy make sure you take the time to get it right.

And if you’re looking for a little light interlude while you’re thinking up your messaging, cast your eyes over this xmas jokes list posted by the Online Star Register. At number 2 is the office holiday memo. While they might not be appropriate for your Christmas wishes message, they will definitely bring a smile – and make sure to share with your offices’ ‘Bah humbug’!

Dawn Strange

Dawn joined Media Matters when the business was just six months old. In 2018 she took over the reins as MD.

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