[News] Work experience at Media Matters: Hannah’s story

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Over the last week we have had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Hannah, a local work experience student, into the Media Matters team. A keen photographer, Hannah wanted to learn more about photography for business purposes – making Media Matters the perfect placement for her as we lined up client photoshoots and photography reviews.

“Hannah has been a great addition to Media Matters for the last week. It’s been invaluable to have her input at photoshoots and in supporting with research for a range of clients,” explained Louise, head of content here at Media Matters.

“We were all reminiscing about the work experience we completed at school – it’s such an important exercise to go through and we’re delighted to have been able to support Hannah.”

To sum up the week, Hannah has very kindly put together the below:

I really enjoyed my Work Experience at Media Matters, it was exciting and something very different to what I have done before. During my Work Experience, I reviewed social media profiles for different companies, this was interesting because I saw social media from a business perspective rather than social. I reviewed websites to see how easy they were to use, what information was on them and what was missing from their websites.

In reviewing the social media profiles I looked at what information was on there, what photos and media they have on their sites and also what I think about the posts – particularly whether they fit with the business. I analysed the good and bad elements of different websites and even reviewed whether some of the photography used by businesses to see what looked good or what they could change.

My favourite day was when we went to a photoshoot for one of the Media Matters’ clients, a company that creates software for the care industry.

Being interested in photography this was an amazing experience because I got to see a photographer in action. This really helped with my photography skills as I could see what he was doing and relate that to my photography. I pointed out minor details that might clash with the photo, and I helped with the lighting. It was good to not just to go to a photoshoot but to help, so I got a full experience.

It has really helped to get feedback of the help I provided and what I have achieved during my work experience. This gives me more confidence in my photography and my knowledge. After the photoshoot, I then picked the best photos and edited them. I then did a photography brief for Media Matters pretending they needed to update the photos on their website. This was good because I got to use my photography skills, which is what I want to achieve.

Overall I had an amazing experience working with the team, I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Here’s some of the photography Hannah completed whilst with us:


Work Experience Photography - Media Matters


Work Experience Photography - Media Matters

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