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We are an account based marketing agency with a difference: we develop campaign plans that align with your goals; we create the content that resonates with your audience, and we execute the activity using our multi-channel expertise.

If you want to work with an account based marketing agency that delivers the whole package, along with strategic marketing expertise and inbound marketing knowledge, get in touch with us today.

What is account based marketing?

Account based marketing (ABM) is a hyper-targeted form of B2B marketing where you tailor and personalise your activity to specific high value accounts. It can be an incredibly powerful way for B2B brands to prove ROI of marketing efforts and generate high-quality, genuine leads.

Account based marketing combines numerous marketing tactics into a specific campaign, using personalised content to resonate with the target audience and generate interest.

Account based marketing campaigns normally fall into one of the following three categories:

  1. Cluster account based marketing is where you target a cluster of similar businesses, perhaps within the same industry and location, or with the same challenges which your service or product can resolve.
  2. One to one account based marketing is the most targeted form, where a business targets multiple stakeholders in one business with content relevant to each of these stakeholders. There is only one account, or one business, as the target of this type of account based marketing.
  3. One to many account based marketing is the least targeted form, where a business targets many businesses (as a rule of thumb, about 30 or more) as part of one campaign. These businesses should still have similarities, for example they may be part of the same industry or showed signals of interest in the product or service. It is normally the aim of a one to many ABM campaign to gather more data on the target audience, to enable more personalised communications moving forwards, which in turn generates leads.

The benefits of account based marketing are far reaching…

  • With account based marketing focussing on a very specific audience, it’s a highly measurable form of marketing. You can easily see if a lead has been created within a target business and if that lead later converts, offering a clear ROI.
  • Account based marketing also affords you the opportunity to learn much more about your target audience. With the right tools and campaign plan in place, you will be able to see how your audience interacts with your content, website, adverts and much more, clearly tracking their journey.
  • You can often also capture more personalised data on target prospects – whether that is through research or through high-value, gated content assets giving you the opportunity to request more information and detail in return for the content.
  • ABM campaigns also allow you to focus your activity, often making better use of your marketing budget than with a broad campaign with little targeting.

Working with you to create, and execute, a great account based marketing campaign

Every account based marketing campaign is different. It needs to be tailored to your target audience, with content created specifically for that audience. That’s why we follow the below six steps when creating our clients’ ABM campaigns:

  1. We understand who your target audience is and set objectives for the campaign: We will begin by working with you to understand your business and marketing objectives, identifying opportunities where an ABM campaign can support those objectives. We will then look to develop a specific target audience – this can be through using marketing technology platforms, through online research or by using your existing prospect data and sales team knowledge. We may recommend a campaign to precede an ABM campaign which looks to gather target audience data in the first instance.
  2. We build a campaign plan: Once we understand more about your target audience for a campaign, we’ll create a plan that maps out what activity will target your audience and when. This plan could include a combination of many marketing tactics, including:
    • Social media and re-marketing advertising
    • Content marketing assets, such as downloadable or gated content, or even webinars and podcasts
    • Email marketing and marketing automation workflows
    • Dedicated, personalised landing pages
    • Direct mail
  3. We set KPIs: Based on the activity mapped out in the campaign plan, we will set KPIs to indicate to us whether the campaign is on track to achieve your objectives.
  4. We create the content and assets: We will develop content ideas that capture interest and work with our design partners to make them stand out. We’ll write and build assets including adverts, emails and landing pages, and tie them all together with campaign tracking and workflows.
  5. It’s time to test and go live: We’ll make sure the campaign and any automation is working smoothly, and then get going on the first stages of the activity. This could be a social media advert going live or a direct mail being sent, all dependent on your campaign plan and target audience.
  6. We always monitor and measure: As with any marketing activity, it is crucial that our activity is measured at every step of the way. We’ll keep you in the loop and let you know if anything needs adjusting, whilst also identifying opportunities to generate further results.

To start reaping the rewards of account based marketing for your B2B marketing, get in touch with us today. We pride ourselves on developing and executing campaigns that deliver measurable results for our clients as part of the lead generation and inbound marketing strategies.

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