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Content marketing is the art of communicating with your target audiences by providing useful, relevant information across a range of channels. At Media Matters, content marketing strategies span across website content, regular blogs, social media, email marketing, PR and content outreach and promotion, delivering value that raises brand awareness and generates high-quality leads or conversions.

Strategic and informed content will help establish your business as an authority on the topics that matter to your audience, manage your reputation and ensure that you widen your SEO footprint.

Content strategies

It sounds simple but when you consider the number of marketing channels, we have available to us, content and where and when it’s communicated can start to get out of control. That’s when a content marketing strategy is essential.

A well-researched content strategy will be the difference when it comes to content that delivers results. Our data-driven approach sees us creating comprehensive strategies for social media, PR and brand awareness, ongoing blogs and email marketing.

Your content should work on multiple levels. It should underpin your brand proposition and position you as knowledgeable industry experts, while also covering the topics that are important to your customers and meets their search intent.

At Media Matters, our content team use keyword research and search data, buyer personas and insights from your business to create tailored content strategies that deliver the required results.

Email marketing

Email marketing provides a direct opportunity to drive relevant content and consistent messaging straight to your audience. When sent at the optimum time, current customers are delighted, and the volume of conversions increases.

As part of a wider inbound marketing strategy, personalised and strategic email marketing lets you nurture leads and improve brand communication.

Our targeted email strategies deliver the right content and call-to-actions to segmented email lists, ensuring your audience receive the messaging that suits them at their stage in the buying process.

SEO optimised content

“ We write copy for your audience, that is underpinned by data.“

Keyword research and SEO audits is the foundation that all of our content is built upon. In order to align your brand messaging with your audiences’ searches, we apply keyword research to onsite copy, blogs and articles and copy that references your brand.

This isn’t writing for search engines, this is copy that speaks to your audience. Great content answers questions, queries and points of interest gleaned from search data, while ensuring you rank for the relevant keywords, driving engaged users to your site.

PR, content outreach and promotion

The history of Media Matters means that we offer specialist expertise and skills when it comes to PR, writing engaging press releases that highlight company news, while also delivering SEO benefits.


Good reputations are hard earned and easily lost. Using PR strategies to communicate with an array of potential audiences will ensure that your business and brand stories remain at the forefront of their minds.

Aligning traditional PR services with modern SEO practices means that your press releases become multi-dimensional, delivering more value. The team at Media Matters have more than 20 years of PR experience to call upon. This means that we are well-versed in meeting the varying objectives of your PR strategy.

Reputation management

Working with both B2B and B2C clients from a range of sectors, we have significant experience when it comes to reputation management. Good reputation management is a sustained effort that helps your audience to understand and support your business, influencing their thoughts and perception, and building trust in your brand.

Content promotion

Whether it’s data, industry comment, thought-leadership articles, or creative and interactive pieces - sometimes, content is created that is too good to keep to yourself.

To underpin a lead generation strategy, you must raise your brand profile, appearing in front of your audience and building their trust in your business. Once content has been created, we want to make sure we maximise the number of people it reaches.

By promoting and sharing content through a range of platforms such as social, email, securing coverage or promoted through paid advertising, we can ensure it is seen by your audience, raising your brand profile, increasing the volume of traffic to your site and driving conversions.

Influencer marketing

By identifying and connecting with the authoritative figures and influencers in your industry and audience, we can ensure that your brand reach extends to a relevant and engaged following. Often only associated with social media marketing, the power of influencers can also be leverage in content marketing strategies.

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