Your marketing could be working harder. With a marketing automation agency, it can do just that.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation uses technology to remove repetitive tasks, helps you speak to prospects and customers on a more personal level and allows you to create sophisticated campaigns that nurture leads into conversions.

In a nutshell, marketing automation makes your marketing work harder.

As a marketing automation agency we combine technology with strategic thinking and creativity

There are many marketing automation tools available – but to make the most of them, you need strategic thinking, market knowledge and creativity.

  • You need to understand your target audience, building buyer personas from their goals and challenges, and how your business can resonate with them.
  • You need the data on your audience to offer a personalised experience, pulling data from throughout your business to support your marketing efforts.
  • Meaningful touchpoints should be created with your audience, from when they first become aware of your service or product, through to them becoming loyal customers and event advocates for your business.
  • And last, but by certainly no means least, you need creative thinking to generate content, campaigns and experiences that grab attention and create the right impression on your target audience.

At Media Matters, we develop all of the above for our clients and combine that with our knowledge of marketing automation tools, so you can feel reassured that you’re working with the experts.

We’re also HubSpot Partners…and that’s great news for you

As HubSpot Partners, we help businesses to accelerate the introduction of HubSpot’s marketing automation software. Our team is HubSpot certified and we’ve been lucky enough to meet the HubSpot team and undergo training at their headquarters in Dublin.

We’ve used HubSpot’s marketing automation platform to help marketing and sales team collaborate – and we’ve integrated the software with other CRMs. We’ve used automation to minimise repetitive tasks, letting us and marketing teams focus on activity that really generates results. And we’ve created plenty of highly personalised marketing campaigns using HubSpot’s array of clever tools.
With HubSpot, you’ll discover a huge range of powerful marketing tools – and with Media Matters, you’ll see these tools being used to generate results. Find out how HubSpot could work for you, get in touch with us today

What can marketing automation do?

If you choose to work with a marketing automation agency to make the most of your marketing technology, content and more, you could have at your fingertips:

  • Workflows that trigger personalised communications to be sent to prospects or customers when they take a particular action, for example, if they visit a landing page or download a piece of content
  • Data from your CRM system to create more personalised direct communications
  • Tailored emails, content, landing pages, call to actions, offers and more, depending on a lead’s behaviour

How have we used marketing automation for our clients?

Scaling up with marketing automation

We have worked with clients to create workflows that nurture quality leads, whilst filtering out irrelevant or low-quality enquiries, whilst still leaving a positive impression of the business. The result is that our client is able to continue scaling up, with its sales team focussing valuable time on hot leads.

Creating and distributing targeted content with marketing automation

We’ve worked with clients to create nurture sequences that combine email marketing, direct mail and re-marketing to keep the brand first and foremost in prospects minds.

Integrating CRM systems and marketing automation

We’ve even implemented integrations between marketing automation platforms and CRM systems to provide marketing with compliant and accurate data about prospects and current customers – helping to inform future strategies.

If you want to scale up, advance your marketing and create meaningful interactions with your target audience, speak to us about marketing automation today.

What can marketing automation do?

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