A critical part of your inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing is all about drawing people to your business, whilst offering value to that audience at every step of their journey. Social media can play a critical role in delivering that value, driving awareness, generating interest and, ultimately, creating conversions.

But it needs to be executed well, with messaging that resonates with your audience and as part of a wider marketing strategy.

At Media Matters we support our clients with all of the above. We tie social media to our client’s objectives, we get to know their business and their customers and, as a result, we create a social media strategy that gets results.

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Aligning with your business objectives

We develop a social media presence that works for our clients, based on their business priorities – whether that’s to drive sales, to engage with and learn more about their target audiences or to gain positioning as experts in their industry.

Here’s a few examples of how we do just that:

Working with a B2B brand to deliver a lead generation strategy supported by social media

Our client was looking to generate leads to feed into their UK branch. We developed a marketing plan that combined content, account-based marketing, email and social media, focussed on offering value to decision makers in a specific industry.

Social media played a vital role: we used carefully targeted remarketing adverts on LinkedIn to capture interest in a whitepaper, developed and designed specifically for that audience. We used social media to continue amplifying that content organically – calling on our client’s sales team to share and engage with it. The campaign smashed its KPI for new contacts created by 103% and influenced contacts by 134%.

Social media remains a critical part of the client’s ‘everyday marketing’ too. We use LinkedIn and Twitter to enable our digital PR strategies, we support their team to share thought-leadership content and use their platforms to amplify the reach of our content – and we know how to carefully weave in more bottom-of-funnel calls to action to encourage all important conversions.

The result is a LinkedIn engagement rate nearly double the average for company pages.

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Delivering community management, influencer marketing and brand-led social media for a B2C brand

Admittedly, our FMCG client is a lovely brand to work with. Their community management largely consists of managing re-posts of positive user-generated content – but we’ve worked closely with them to ensure we’ve got great lines of communication in place if complaints do arise.

Although that’s a lovely position to be in, it does mean that any social media activity we deliver needs to continue to support that carefully crafted brand – whilst still driving online sale conversions. We do just that – with social media supporting their influencer marketing and new product launches, all whilst creating a community for this well-loved brand.

If you’re a B2C brand, speak to us about how social media can enhance your brand and how inbound marketing can work for you

Utilising social media as part of targeted campaigns

So many brands fall into the trap of just posting their content on social media – and stopping there. They don’t combine it into a wider plan, let alone think carefully about how it could form part of a targeted campaign.

We’re strong believers in posting content that offers real value to audiences – not just posting content for content sake. We always aim to target conversations, focus on getting results for our clients and deliver social media that has a purpose.

We use social media to:

  • Support account-based marketing campaigns, with targeted advertising such as InMails, sponsored posts and more
  • Build relationships with the media
  • Create communities around our clients’ brands
  • Generate leads with targeted messaging
  • Deliver local, national and global campaigns to support brand or product launches
  • Facilitate recruitment marketing and employer brand-building
Utilising Social Media

Working with Media Matters to deliver your social media strategy

We work with you to weave social media into your inbound marketing strategy – making sure that every post works hard for your budget.

We’re creative thinkers, with a PR perspective that makes sure we get the tone, wording and style right.

We dig deep into your data to get insight into what resonates with your audience – and to track results.

We stay ahead of the curve and constantly seek out new ways to use social media to our clients’ advantage.

And, although social media hasn’t been around the whole time, we have 20 years of experience in creating the right messaging for our clients.

If you want to start, advance or re-think your inbound marketing strategy, get in touch with one of the Media Matters team today

Working with Media Matters

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