Strategic advertising does work

Advertising across all platforms has come a long way in terms of measurement. No longer do we have to debate which half of our expenditure on advertising worked, we can track adverts with unique urls, promotional codes and where it’s digital, easily using analytics. This makes advertising much more accountable as part of a planned integrated campaign and allows us to test and tweak to get the best outcomes.

Integrated advertising campaigns – online and offline advertising

Media Matters has been providing media buying and advertising planning services to clients for many years and now combines traditional print advertising expertise with digital advertising experience, producing truly integrated marketing results.

For offline advertising, our media buyer will spend time researching the target media relevant to a client’s specialist sector and put together campaigns to maximise the budget available and to ensure an appropriate mix of on and offline activity.

Digital services include search advertising, social media advertising and online display.

We work closely with creative design partners to create advertisements – some of whom specialise in particular sectors.  The objective is always to develop powerful ad campaigns that can be measured by return on investment so we are constantly maximising the activity.