What difference does being a Google Partner make?

Advertising across all platforms has come a long way in terms of measurement. No longer do we have to debate which half of our expenditure on advertising worked, we can track adverts with unique urls, promotional codes and where it’s digital, easily using analytics. This makes advertising much more accountable as part of a planned integrated campaign and allows us to test and tweak to get the best outcomes.

You may have seen the Google AdWords Partner badge crop up on marketing agency websites now and again. But what does it mean and is it really important that your online advertising agency is certified by Google to manage AdWords accounts?

The short answer is, yes, it is important that your agency has the all-important Google badge in pride of place on their website. Here are the main reasons why…


  1. Qualified professionals and cutting-edge knowledge

To become a Google AdWords Partner an agency must have experts who have completed Google certification exams. The exams cover the basics of managing Google AdWords accounts then progress to Advanced Search and Advanced Display, more complex aspects of online advertising with Google.

  1. Ongoing training

Google Partners also get access to exclusive training opportunities that enable continual development.

  1. Working directly with Google

A Google Partner gets direct access to special industry research, Google updates, events and promotional offers that can save clients money. For day to day running of AdWords accounts, Google Partners are able to call Google experts to get their advice.

  1. Following best practice

To maintain Google Partner status, agencies must follow best practice when managing client accounts. Google reviews the accounts Partners manage so they know that best practice is being followed. It looks for things like the type and frequency of changes to campaigns through to the budget management.

  1. Absolute transparency to keep you in control of your budgets

The time that it takes for an agency to manage a Google AdWords account does incur a cost. We have to declare what these costs are alongside budgets actually used directly for advertising. Google Partners are required to be explicit about either the cost of the account management or percentages charged of overall spend on AdWords.

  1. The right choice

By choosing a Google AdWords Partner you’ll be opting for experts to manage your online advertising, and know that you’re working with an agency you can trust 

Media Matters has been a Google Partner since January 2014.