Reach your online audience

Online display advertising is advertising which appears on websites other than your own.

Traditional online display

Online display advertising has two approaches. The more traditional type of display advertising which includes banner adverts on websites, sky scrapers and classified styles of advertising similar to how they appear in print. This is advertising space bought directly from the website owner, rather than through a service such as Google. This form of advertising is much more ‘editorial’ in nature due to how it is placed but it has much less reach than using the likes of Google display network.

We often manage these as part of larger media campaign that includes print advertising and usually as a brand awareness exercise rather than specifically for conversion.

The other type of online display advertising is an extension of search advertising and uses the Google Display Network.

Google Display advertising

Using this method of online display provides choices to advertise using text, images or even video on Google’s display network. There are a range of targeting options on Google’s display network including; demographics, locations, user interests, content topics etc., which allow us to create campaigns that are as broad or narrow as we need them to be.

There are also display advertising opportunities across social media, see our social media advertising section for more information.

Google re-marketing

Also using the Google display network, re-marketing allows you to show ads to people elsewhere on the Internet, who have already visited your website.

It works by placing a cookie in your visitor’s browser when they visit your website, so that when they visit a website in the display network, your ad will appear. This is where we appear to be “followed” around the Internet, and can be highly effective as the ads are relevant to somebody’s browsing history.

There are some advanced targeting options available with remarketing, for example you can choose to only re-market to visitors who perform a specific task such as abandoning a trolley or browsing a particular type of product.

Benefit from our experience

There are quite a variety of techniques that we can adopt to make online display advertising successful, and like most of the service we offer it performs best as part of an integrated campaign. Our Google Adwords expertise ensures that we manage your budget effectively and optimise every campaign for the best results.