Boosting brand awareness

The landscape for printed and other offline media has shifted significantly in recent years whilst the growth of digital marketing opportunities has accelerated. But this doesn’t mean that other forms of advertising are no longer relevant. Depending on your marketing campaign objectives we will adopt a range of paid for approaches.

Print advertising

The consolidation of available print publications for each sector means a more targeted approach can often be adopted and we can combine some paid for space with editorial to get maximum results.

It’s also dependent on the demographic profile of your audience, B2B for example still consumes printed trade press as well as online and some consumer profiles continue to access print.

Outdoor media, radio and TV

For national or regional awareness that needs the farthest reach, advertising across other media such as radio, TV and outdoor will raise your profile offline. Benefit from our experienced in-house team approach – we can copy-write scripts and create compelling messages for striking adverts to captivate your audience.

Using an agency for advertising services

As part of an integrated marketing campaign, offline has its place and for brand awareness it can be highly effective. Media Matters has been providing media buying and advertising planning services to clients for many years and integrates traditional and digital advertising activity.

Our media buyer will spend time researching the target media relevant to your specialist sector and put together campaigns to maximise the budget available and to ensure an appropriate mix of on and offline activity.

We work closely with several creative design partners – some of whom specialise in particular sectors to develop powerful ad campaigns and then measure the return on investment so we are constantly maximising the activity.