Improve your social media reach

Social networking is now a mature medium and the social media that we’re most familiar with such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn all provide opportunities to reach your customers using targeted advertising.

The key word here is “targeted” as social media advertising is increasingly highly tailored to fit the goldmine of data that these networks hold on their users. We regularly recommend social media advertising as part of an integrated marketing campaign and obtain excellent results.

You are most likely to see sponsored tweets or posts in news feeds, display adverts alongside newsfeeds and in the case of YouTube, within videos.

Social media display advertising

All of these networks provide display advertising options, much like Google Adwords does. The biggest difference is usually the level of demographic targeting available from location, to age and specific interests. It’s this that makes it a very effective form of advertising.

Each social medium is slightly different in what it offers, for example Facebook advertising is now the only way we can guarantee reach as organic posting no longer does this. Twitter is less targeted than Facebook but around trends and topics can be effective.

LinkedIn works in a comparable way to Facebook with display adverts and sponsored posts and YouTube provides a variety of options in video and on page.

Social media re-marketing

Facebook provides a similar service to Google’s re-marketing service across its display network. Described as “custom audiences”, you can also add a Facebook pixel to your website that will deliver relevant ads in Facebook, if they’ve already visited your website.

Alternatively you can upload your email marketing list to Facebook and show ads to people who already subscribe to hear from you.

Twitter offers a similar service, providing a tag to pick up visitors to your website and then feature promoted tweets to them when they use Twitter.

How does it work?

Much like Google Adwords we can set budgets and choose a pay per click or pay per number of impressions model. Like all online advertising controlling your budget is key as is testing and optimising to get the best results. Our digital team has the experience and insight to give you peace of mind when outsourcing online advertising.