Blogging for your business is a fantastic online tool

With PR, SEO and branding benefits, if you’re not blogging already you should seriously be thinking about it over the coming months. It’s a great way of profiling your business, encouraging customer engagement and improving your SEO.

Blogs, by their very nature, need to be regularly updated with fresh content that is not only appealing to your target audience, but is also crawled more regularly by search engines – making them a prime location for optimised copy that hits the terms people are searching for.

With a well-written, search engine friendly blog, your website will also benefit from increased authority as more people read your content and engage with your website.

So what are you waiting for?

The benefits of a blogging package

That’s where our blogging packages come in. At Media Matters we have our own PR and SEO team – these are people who are experts in writing content that perfectly matches your business while at the same time is fully optimised for search engines. Because we understand the worlds of PR and digital marketing we have the unique ability to combine the two for maximum impact that is essential for blogging.

With a Media Matters blogging package you will benefit from our industry knowledge…

– We are always on track with digital marketing trends, such as changes to Google algorithms, that are increasingly emphasising the importance of good quality, in depth-blogs.
– Our team of in-house writers follows a rigorous process of researching, drafting and editing for every blog – it is imperative that the final blog product is insightful and useful for readers and is easily indexed for search engines.

In case you’re still wondering – what is a blog?

Blogs are different from traditional marketing copy – they are open, interactive and engaging to readers. There is scope for readers to leave comments, providing an opportunity to begin a conversation with you. And if they really like your blog, they can share it across social media at the click of a button. Success!

And if you’re still unsure about blogs or how they work, watch this short video or better still, give us a call and we will be happy to run through it with you in more detail. It’s never too late to start blogging for your business.