Content marketing is the art of communicating with your target audiences by providing useful, relevant information across a range of channels. Use content to help establish your business as an authority on the topics that matter to your audience.

It sounds simple but when you consider the number of marketing channels we have available to us, content and where and when it’s communicated can start to get out of control. That’s when a content marketing strategy is essential.

You only need one plan

A content marketing strategy, or plan, will pull all of your activities and campaigns together and provide an invaluable reference point to keep all of your communication activity on track.

It will also highlight where there are gaps; allow you to forward plan, taking away the last-minute headache of what to produce and when; and provide you with a pre-agreed set of goals and targets which you can measure activity against afterwards.

How a content marketing plan could help your business

Content marketing plans can cover a mix of activity, much depends upon your own business and the best channels for you. At the very least they should include:

Mapping all activities on one plan ensures you maximise every single opportunity to its fullest. This will give you the best return and increase effectiveness.

It’s important to remember that online content has a part to play in helping your businesses’ SEO performance so its crucial it’s done correctly. Today, it can have an enormous influence on your search engine ranking so we can’t emphasise enough how important it is to take content seriously and put a content marketing plan in place to support you.

As a Media Matters’ PR client, you will benefit from content planning as a matter of course. If you think a content marketing plan could help your business, please feel free to get in touch.