Copywriting is the backbone of content marketing

Copywriting involves earmarking the right message; carefully choosing the right words and delivering the right tone. It’s also about keywords and optimisation to ensure stories, features and articles are easily found in online searches.

Copywriting is the backbone of content marketing – creating content that makes your website interesting and improves your online footprint. This can take the form of blogs, news or just generally useful information that people might want to share.

Our team of journalists and PR professionals come with experience, training and the gravitas of understanding exactly what is required with every piece of content before they start to write a single word.

They are exceptional at what they do and consistently produce some outstanding results for our clients.

What type of copywriting do you need?

Content we can write for includes:

All copy produced by the Media Matters team forms part of a wider client content marketing strategy – and that ensures it is consistent; joined up; relevant and effective.