Website content is an important element of your marketing as good online content will also help improve SEO.

Everybody wins as Google can be confident that the page it presents has relevant information for the search that was performed, and the visitor has a positive experience with your website.

You need to be posting fresh and original content on a very regular basis to help improve your chances of better online ranking.

Providing useful content is good marketing practice

SEO aside, useful information that you “own” and can share with existing and potential customers is good marketing practice.

There are guidelines on length and format of website copy which Google likes to tweak from time to time. It’s best to adhere to these guides if possible. This way you’re giving your website the very best chance of performing well for you.

It’s about getting a good balance – pages of fully optimised copy that provide compelling reading for your visitor that also market your services and products at the same time. Simple!

Need some help with website copy?

If that sounds like it might stretch your businesses’ capabilities or if you want your website pages double-checking, Media Matters can most definitely help.

We can write content for a new website, working from a sitemap and researching keywords for you, or we can simply rework existing copy to enhance its SEO for your business website.

Why not give us a call to chat it through further?