Connect with your target audience

Effective email marketing is a must-have tool for reaching your target audience. It is a tactic that every business – small, medium or large – should be making the most of.

But using email marketing to help you achieve your business goals is an art: you have to balance numerous factors from creativity through to fantastic writing skills with knowledge of digital marketing.

When you adopt email marketing’s best practices it can be hugely successful, but when it is done badly you risk alienating your stakeholders.

Email marketing with Media Matters

By choosing Media Matters’ email marketing services you will benefit from the experience and knowledge of our digital marketing team, along with the copywriting skills of our PR experts – who know how to write an attention grabbing subject line and engaging email content.

  • Reaching the right people
  • Exceptional copywriting skills
  • Using tried and tested white-listed email marketing platforms
  • Creativity and an eye for design
  • And the ability to analyse measurements and feedback

The combination of skills at Media Matters makes for a unique mix that brings real results to all areas of marketing – including email marketing. In fact, our email marketing efforts for one client have boosted traffic to their website via email by 60% – and the number of conversions via email went up by an incredible 120%.

Read the email marketing case study

Email marketing campaigns

In most cases, email marketing should be an integral part of your content strategy. We can develop your email-marketing campaign as part of a content marketing plan.

Typical email marketing projects include:

  • E-commerce email sequences
  • Short and medium term nurture programmes
  • Regular keep in touch newsletters
  • Events and offers promotional emails