Get the look

Every good email marketing campaigns needs to look the part. A professional design is the first thing to think about before sending any messages. It’s essential that your email template is also functional and displays properly across all email clients for maximum effect.

Based on your brand guidelines and objectives, Media Matters will create a template that is thoroughly tested and complements your other marketing activity. We will follow brand guidelines if you have them and use your website design as a basis if not.

We can create multiple templates as you may have different audiences and if not at least two versions for example a longer e-newsletter style and a shorter bulletin style. If we’re working on a content marketing strategy with you or simply an email marketing plan we will provide recommendations.

Email set up

The design isn’t the end of the story. Best practice email marketing means we make sure we import only good quality, opted in contact lists and where possible segment these for best results. Other activity includes:

  • Add sign up code to your website, so that visitors to your website can also sign up for your email communications
  • Create an email marketing programme, which can be merged into your current content marketing plan or kept separate
  • Create targeted copy that will get results from your subscribers. Our in-house copywriters can also produce optimised website copy that will encourage subscribers to click and increase conversions
  • Test emails so the most compelling version goes to the final target list every time
  • Track, reporting and produce recommendations for the future

We always tailor our services to your business needs. We know some businesses may want a single, targeted email marketing campaign whereas others will want an on-going email marketing strategy that is integrated with their content marketing plan.