Keep in touch with a managed plan

Whether you have already set up your email marketing templates or we do it for you, the next step is to get an email marketing schedule underway. Outsourcing this to experts means that you never miss a date and each email is designed and written to achieve results, ideally as part of an ongoing content plan.

By choosing Media Matters’ email marketing services you will benefit from the experience and knowledge of our online marketing team, along with the copywriting skills of our PR experts – who know how to write an attention grabbing subject line and engaging email content.

The combination of skills at Media Matters makes for a unique mix that brings real results to all areas of marketing – including email marketing. In fact, our email marketing efforts for one client have boosted traffic to their website via email by 60% – and the number of conversions via email went up by an incredible 120%.

Read the case study here

What’s included?

When tackling a new email marketing campaign, we will follow a set of email marketing best practices that will ensure you get the best possible results. We will:

  • Have a discussion with you to establish what you hope to gain from adopting email marketing or a new strategy
  • Design and build an email marketing template that is unique to your business and in accordance with your brand guidelines
  • Work with you to import contact lists and then group those lists into segments that allow for targeted email campaigns. We will then manage and maintain the quality of these lists, to ensure you’re always reaching the right people
  • Add sign up code to your website, so that visitors to your website can also sign up for your email communications
  • Create an email marketing programme, which can be merged into your current content marketing plan or kept separate depending on your needs
  • Create targeted copy that will get results from your subscribers. Our in-house copywriters can also produce optimised website copy, to be linked to in emails, that will encourage subscribers to click and increase conversions
  • Test emails so the most compelling version goes to the final target list every time
  • Track, reporting and produce recommendations for the future.

As always, we tailor our services to your business needs. We know some businesses may want a single, targeted email marketing campaign whereas others will want an on-going email marketing strategy that is integrated with their content marketing plan.