The importance of reputation management

The pace and spread of today’s world of communications has brought with it an immediacy and speed of word that means your business reputation can be transformed or destroyed in the blink of an eye.

Reputation management services are an essential part of your PR activity if you are to ensure that every communication about your business carries the same consistent line.

Every word counts

All messaging – from the corporate comment on your blog in response to a major news story just breaking, to a seemingly throwaway comment on your business LinkedIn page – will be measures and indications of your reputation as a business.

It is essential you monitor all communication channels, whether you operate in a B2C or B2B business environment. You need to ensure your in-house marketing team are on top of reputation and have it integrated into your PR strategy. If they haven’t, ask them why not because this is critical to your business.

The alternative is to use a PR agency such as Media Matters to manage your reputation management services for you. With access to a wider, far-reaching network of communications both on and offline, we can provide an external perspective and measurable activity to ensure your reputation is upheld at all times.

Commissioning a reputation management service can pay for itself

No business wants to find itself in a crisis management situation but inevitably it happens through a bad customer service experience or a wrong management decision. This is where commissioning a reputation management service can pay for itself.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of crisis handling means we know exactly how to approach an issue. Our aim will be to turn a potential disaster into a PR opportunity.

No company wants to suffer negative PR at the hands of your customers or the media but any of these, or worse, could happen to your business today….

  • negative press coverage because you said ‘no comment’
  • critical customer letter in the local press or posted to an online forum
  • toxic comments to a blog posting
  • a verbal attack on Facebook
  • negative retweets
  • a critical video on YouTube

And so the list goes on. The reality of today’s fast moving and ever growing world of communication is that you are exposing yourself and your company to potential negative PR every second of every day. You really need to ensure you’ve got it all covered.