Writing a press release does not mean you have a PR strategy.

PR is at the core of your business. It underpins the way you are perceived by the outside world (customers, suppliers, competitors) and therefore the messages and actions you take. It is also integral to your business because you need your staff to buy into it too.

A PR strategy will help you ensure you stay on track. It becomes the communications blueprint for your brand. It ensures you are consistent, on message, delivering and achieving your PR goals, and measuring the return along the way.

Without a strategy you will have no clear direction, run the risk of going off at a tangent and so off message, and in all likelihood, you could be wasting a lot of budget in the process.

PR Strategy works – whatever the size of your business

Don’t assume PR strategy is just for the large corporates, every business should have one. The strategy will be at the root of all public relations and communications activity – it will provide a base from which all creative ideas, content planning, campaigns and launches are born. It provides the discipline necessary to ensure all activity is kept on track and in line with your business objectives.

Sometimes working inside a business makes strategic thinking a little tricky. Out-sourcing PR strategy means an agency such as Media Matters can look at your business afresh and often unleash initiatives and identify issues not addressed before. This approach can save the business considerable time and money. 

A public relations strategy can be as encompassing or as brief as you need it to be. We can work with you to provide a strategy that will give you clarity and direction, help to keep you in line with budgets set and look to provide you with some real return on investment.

How could it work for you?

1. We lead a fact-finding session with you and any of your key staff
2. We produce your PR strategy document and present it to you
3. You make it happen, or we can assist

No strategy is akin to setting sail without a compass. How ridiculous would that be!