Sometimes you need to set up new social profiles. This could be because you’re trying a new social network, or that you have a need to add new profiles to an existing social media account.

If we are working with you already we might recommend becoming more visible to your target audiences across social media that’s relevant to your customers, if you’re not already. Or we might suggest an update alongside a PR or marketing campaign and social media management.

Alternatively if your website doesn’t already have a blog, we can work with you and/or your developers to enable this feature if it fits your content plan. Media Matters provides a full blogging service.

Typical social media set-up

We can create new profiles, design cover images, write profile copy and upload all of this to your social account. Typical social media include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn company pages, YouTube and Google+. Step by step this process includes:

  1. Creating a new profile – we’ll identify available urls or identities, selecting the most relevant, enter company information and copy write introductions, straplines and “About” fields. Copywriting is subject to approval before it goes live.
  2. Design cover images – following your brand guidelines, and using agreed logos and styles, your cover images will be designed in line with seasonal themes. The design includes marketing messages to complement themes and campaigns.
  3. Creating Apps and extra pages – Facebook allows apps to be added and LinkedIn offers options for Showcase pages.

In every case we can customise the activity according to what you need.